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Useful information

The sign system
Most hikes are sign posted and/or marked completely or partially. The sign system for the Ål52 hikes are under development and more hikes will be marked according to the national sign standard. These gradations will be used to recognize the different hikes:

No skills needed. Asphalt, gravel, forest road or good trails. No need to cross streams. Moderate gradient, but no steep or difficult areas, height difference no more than 300 metres.  

Suitable for mediocre hikers. Much as green level, but can have some more demanding areas and a height difference up to 400 metres.

Suitable for experienced hikers with good stamina. You must have good mountain boots and be well dressed and have the proper equipment with you. May contain steep slopes and longer areas with loose stones and marshes, and also crossing of up to two streams. Can also contain several airy and exposed areas and technical challenges, and areas with climbing where you need to use your hands. The hikes are usually not marked so you will need to use a map and compass. Height difference up to 1000 metres. 

Suitable for experienced mountains hikers with good stamina. You need to have good mountain boots, proper clothes and equipment and knowledge of reading map and using compass. Longer and/or more technical slopes then "red". Typical hikes will be summit hikes with steep slopes and uneven surfaces. May have areas that are very airy and areas/passages with climbing or narrow edges or scree.


Bonfires in the forest are not allowed in the period between 15.04–15.09. 

Dog on a leash

Remember to keep your dog on a leash! When and where you need to keep your dog on a leash you can read here. 

Cultural heritage

Most Ål52 hikes have cultural heritage close by. Read and learn about them in the tour description.

We recommend you to use a proper tour map in additions to the map you find on this web site. The maps we recommend are «Reineskarvet» 1:50.000, «Veståsen/ Sangefjell» 1:50.000 and «Hike and bicycle map Ål/Gol/Hemsedal» 1:60.000. The maps can among others be bought at the tourist information and in the book store.

With reservation that there might be mistakes on the pages and in the brochure. 


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